Our Commitment

Our consultants operate internationally to help companies become an example within their field.
We are committed to taking into account strategic and operational challenges with objectivity and pragmatism.

Our hindsight, adaptability, quality of our processes (ISO 9001 certification for more than 10 years) and involvement in the company, are all assets for the Success of your projects.

Our work effectively leads to significant and lasting results thanks to:

  • the stakeholders taking ownership of the solutions,
  • the extension of the change dynamics,
  • achievement of significant gains during each “Quick Win” and on the overall project.

We ensure that each mission is a profitable investment for our Client, so that our support on the field brings visible and measurable results. For instance, we managed to get the following results :

  • On Time Delivery increased from 60% to more than 90%, or even 100% in some cases,
  • Number of days accumulated without delay, reaching more than 300 days, when it had never exceeded a week before,
  • Productivity gains from 20% to 40%,
  • Cycles and WIP frequently divided by two,
  • A dynamic of improvement suggestions coming from the stakeholders.