Our Expertise

As an expert firm in Operations Management, SYNEDRIA guides you along your Change management and Transformation, both in your work and operating behaviors.

In a global and agile project management approach, we provide a response to:

  • your productivity challenges,
  • the optimization of your manufacturing operations, organization, cycles and supply chain,
  • the implementation of Innovation and technological breakthrough,
  • your approach to Industry 4.0 (robotics, cobotics, 3D visualization and printing capabilities, multitasking and integrated connectivity …)
  • increasing the Quality of your products and processes,
  • your approach to Operational Excellence and Continual Improvement

… All of this for Customer Satisfaction!

We provide you with our Culture inspired by Lean Thinking applied in all the processes and Operational Excellence (WCM, PDCA, VSM, 6 Sigma, etc.) as well as with the training and tools necessary to increase the skills of your teams.

SYNEDRIA is developing:

  • human potentials so that everyone can take part in different improvements,
  • a fieldapproach, support and appropriate training for involved stakeholders to achieve objectives,
  • the creation of working groups deploying lasting solutions,
  • the use of proven methods and tools,
  • a monitoring to consolidate Change management,
  • a constant listening to adapt to the realities encountered.

How does a mission take place?

  • few discussions with the involved top management departments allow us to define together issues and challenges,
  • we offer a Collaboration project to our Clients allowing us to define together the areas of progress and optimization,
  • we first agree on the expected and quantified objectives, parameters and a dashboard with Management
  • we associate the operational staff with the development of a diagnosis and realistic solutions,
  • we support all parties in the implementation of these solutions through Transformation Workshops, Quick-Wins, Working Groups,
  • we pass on their methods and tools for a total handling and control by the teams through working together, trainings and coaching,
  • our personalized trainings essential to any Transformation are fully integrated into the programs (SYNEDRIA has Training approvals and certifications),
  • the participants thus make the solutions and methods their own to make the process sustainable and guarantee tangible results.

Our work effectively leads to significant and lasting results thanks to:

  • the stakeholders taking ownership of the solutions,
  • the extension of the change dynamics,
  • achievement of significant gains during each “Quick Win” and on the overall project.