Our Team

Our Team is composed of:

  • confirmed consultants with former managerial positions and successful operational experience in large industrial and international firms (Safran, Airbus Defense & Space …),
  • employees who have earned certifications (Belts, Lean, 6 SIGMA, APICS, etc.) and diplomas enabling them to carry out complex projects.

Our consultants have:

  • contributed to the definition of realistic, achievable and shared objectives,
  • designed and built projects considering the reality of the constraints and uncertainty inherent to the industrial world,
  • overseen transformation plans and improvement programs on the field,
  • learned from experience how to prioritize practical aspects and success factors,
  • acquired a culture of dialogue with different profiles, functions and hierarchical levels.

Based on their experience, they:

  • use appropriate the tools and methods for operational problems,
  • analyze complex situations, define targets and adapt solutions,
  • commit to achieve the desired performance targets,
  • display the ability to listen, train and involve employees in a changing environment in order to implement solutions, reach goals and ensure their sustainability.